Author Arya Sethi

Arya is the Founder-editor of PublicTunes Media and the Chief Editor of Insaniyat Magazine. PublicTunes Media is an open resource for the history, arts, and culture of India, and also the network which produces Insaniyat Magazine. Arya has had a long stint in the field of Arts and Humanities, as he has served as an Art Director for various international festivals. Arya specializes in the history and culture of Delhi, and that is reflected in his work which follows a line of the eccentric Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb Culture. Arya has also transcended into different fields by venturing into travel writing, as his first travel-based account about a journey across India in only 540Rs, is all set to release later this year. A unique aspect of Arya is that he carves his work through oral accounts and stories of people living on the edge, while taking influence from the environment and a socio-cultural atmosphere which also inspires him to explore new themes and auras of history. History, heritage, art, people, culture, food, music, and travel is what Arya feeds on for his curiosity as a history buff.

The Historic Tale of Itr/ Attar

The word Attar is believed to have been derived from the Persian word ‘Itir’ which means Perfume. The word Itir is itself derived from a word from the Arabic language, that is ‘Itr’ which means perfume, fragrance, or essence. We know about the creation of Attars from a source called Kitab Kimaya Al-Itr which is…

The Eccentric Life of Mirza Ghalib

Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib or popularly known as Mirza Nausha was born in Agra in a very respectable family of Mughal servicemen. Mirza Ghalib claims his origin to Turkey as his grandfather came to India under the term of Emperor Shah Alam II. Unfortunately, Ghalib’s father died only when he was five years old. He…

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