Delhi-6 is designed in a pattern where there are different settlements for different professions. The washermen, entertainers, hakims, have their own separate area. During our little exploration to get the best photograph, we decided to go and visit the area inhabitated by the Bawarchis of purani dilli. As we entered these lanes, we were treated with the very strong aroma of biryani, qorma and what not! Along with these strong aromas, we were also welcomed with a lot of kind attention from the people, possibly because we were carrying a nice camera with us and the photographer was a female. As we proceeded to click the pictures of the area, there was a slight hustle and a group of men asked us politely to capture them. As we moved our camera towards them, we saw the sight that you see in the photograph. It was a very appealing sight so we quickly to captured it. An old man, seated on a scooter, with a beedi! The group of men standing behind shouted, “Chacha pose karo ye photo bengal jayega”. Later, during breakfast, I (Arya) asked Tanya (photographer), whether she knows why the group of men mentioned bengal when we were clicking the picture? She asked me why, and the only answer I had was that maybe strong artistic women have come to be associated with Bengal!
We had got our best shot, and both Tanya and I agree to date that this is one of our best pictures. Aesthetically, it might not be the most pleasing, but with the storyline behind it, and the feel of the streets of purani dilli, it carves a memory! And, with the dying art of street photography, we got our piece of it!
Written by @aryasethi
Picture by @merensest
This picture was published in the second volume of Insaniyat Magazine. All rights belong to @publictunes

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